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The USPF has a new bold strong look and is again paving the way for new and fantastic things while still maintaining it's integrity and high standards.

Our new USPF logos were designed by one of our 
USPF Board of Directors, Danni Hartmann Eldridge.
The USPF has used the eagle and the U.S. flag in its designs since the Federation’s inception.     
The three lifters have also been used by the USPF throughout the years for various uses.  

The new USPF logos and designs incorporate the rich legendary history of the USPF with an updated bold look that tells exactly what the USPF is about.

Old Membership Applications are no longer accepted.  The old USPF Membership Cards are no longer valid after January 1, 2020.  See ANNOUNCEMENTS for more details.

New USPF Rules Revision & Updates have been posted.
The USPF has exciting changes and updates that are now being implemented, still maintaining the integrity and high standards of this legendary  Federation.   


Welcome to  It is only natural to call the United States Powerlifting Federation a legend due to its legacy of legendary and great lifters that have competed to the highest standards of lifting and its strong endurance of established existence.  With its renowned world class status and reputation for excellence, the USPF is  still the premier powerlifting federation.  To learn more about the USPF, go to the About/History page

Replica of original USPF patch. Available for purchase on merchandise page.This site provides everything USPF including the latest updated information, photos, and the first online USPF Records Database.  If you have pertinent photos and/or info, or any USPF vintage documents, etc. that you would like to contribute to this site, please contact us at  There will be new photos, USPF meet results, info, and pages on this site, so please check back often.  News & Updates provides the latest USPF Announcements, News, Updates & Tweets.  Follow us on Facebook and/or Twitter.

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