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Archived & Vintage USPF Records & Meet Results
...Long ago, before computers and email were popular, there were these inventions called typewriters and Xerox machines.  With them, all records were recorded and mailed to people via Snail Mail, the U.S. Post Office.  

Through our archeological diggings, we have found some of these records, memories from the past.  If you have any USPF Records from the early years you would like to contribute, please contact us at, and we will post them online.

USPF Powerlifting Review 

This wonderful and rare piece of USPF history has so many of the powerlifting legends and greats of that era listed.

Compiled by Dr. Alan Kirshner, these 34 pages contain Region 13 (now defunct) & CA State Men's & Women's Records along with powerlifting placements from all CA meets.

        Part 1
        Part 2
        Part 3
        Part 4

Click here for Police & Fire Records and Results.

Region Records ~ final update in 2016

National Masters Records ~ from PLUSA

Women's Masters American Records
        1982        1988

Region 13 (now defunct)
        Masters Records
        Women's Masters Records
            1983        1987

Women's CA State Records
        1982        1982 (So. CA)
        1983        1985 (June)        1985 (Dec.)

Oklahoma State Records