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American Record Achievers                                   

Open Bench 733 lbs. ~ American Bench Records D1 / Raw     Open Squat 650.4 lbs ~ Multi American Raw Records
                            Jim Phraner                                                   Isaiah Grice

SubMaster 35-39 Bench 650.4 lbs.    Masters 50-54 Div 1 - 573.2lbs.
                   Shane Modesitt                                                     James Bourgault Sr.

Masters 60-64 Bench 215.5 lbs.          Masters 60-64 Multi American Raw Records
                           Al Haase                                                             Greg Harper

SubMaster 35-39 American Push/Pull Records            Multi American Raw Records
                          Doug Bauer                                                       Victoria Yarbrough

SubMaster 35-39 American Raw Deadlift Record       Masters 55-59 D1 American Record Squat 531 lbs
                      Jeff Honeycutt                                                      Marc Nagele

          Juniors 13-15
                   Crystal Taibi                                                          Justin Allman  

 Multi American Raw Records - Open            Masters 45-49 Bench Press 501.5 lbs
                Jason McCown                                                    Rocco Boulay

 Masters 60-64 Raw     
                  John Veal                                                                Mike Magee

 Juniors 20-23 Raw SL Deadlift     SL Deadlift Masters 50-54
                  Jennifer Kunard                                                    Cristina Ramirez

     Raw FP Masters 40-44
                       Brianna Murray                                                     Jamey Kidd

RAW PP JR's 18-19 248 lb Bench  Alisha Zink Classic Division Open Push Pull
                         Rene Funmaker                                               Alisha Zink

      Masters 60-64 Div 1 534lbs
                           Vincent Mariani                                                   Art Menton
       (photo of Vincent from 2016 at age 89)

Raw 666.9lbs   Raw Masters 55-59 501.6lbs
                   Kenny Zimmerman                                       Steven Pederson

                              Joe Whytsell

Inspirational ~ American Records at age 70+ 

Check out more Masters 70+ American Record Lifters' achievements!

Masters 75-79 Multi American Records     Masters 70-74 Multi American Records
                    Henri Soudieres                                                   Jack Hughes

        Masters 75-79 Best Bench 358.2          Masters 70-74 Multi Raw American Records
                        Chuck Gourley                                        Gene Lawrence

Master 75-79 Multi Raw American Records       Masters 80  Multi American Records
                    Donald Judd                                                     Martin Garry

Masters 70-74 Multi American Records       Masters 75-79 Multi American Records
                   Vera Moser                                                       Richard Simon

USPF Lifter Classification Ranked Lifters                                                      
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USPF Meet & Event Photos                                                                             
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"Bits N Pieces"                                                                                                       
      Ernie Frantz & Ed Coan                         ...and in 2012

         Top Gun Powerlifting Team (late 1980's)

                                       The 2004 USPF CA Powerlifting Hall of Fame
USPF Officials through the years                                                                     

 George Zarella     Don & Fran Haley                ...and in 2007                        Bill Decker

       Bill Hartmann, Bill Ennis, & Roger Bolton

     Vince & Julie Moser