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USPF Deadlift Shootout


October 26, 2013
2013 USPF Deadlift Shootout
Powerlifting Meet on Allen Street
This meet brought lots of cheers and excitement to Allen Street.  Nineteen lifters endured the blazing sun and dirt covered platform showing all that they are "too tough to lift in a gym".  Not easy lifting outdoors in these conditions.  Kudos to ALL the lifters and awesome lifting!  There were 6 USPF American Records & 16 USPF AZ State Records made.
A great big thank you to the meet USPF Officials and Staff including Announcer "DJ" Billy St. Germaine, Scorekeeper Armando "Pachi" Villa, Head Referee Laura Jones, Side Referee Linda Devaney from Las Vegas, NV, Side Referee and Meet Director Danni Eldridge, Records Chair Sheri Hartmann and Meet Security Billy McCoy.  Amy St. Germaine, also "Card Girl", and Pachi handed out the medals.  Spotter/Loaders were Brad Herrington, Matt Cook and Justin Robinson. 

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