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USPF State Records
Click on state name for records or person's name to contact State Chairperson.

If you reside in a state that has no State Chair and want to make/break a record, please contact for more info.

Some states either have no records or they are lost.  If you have either the "lost" records or information regarding them, please contact ~Thank you! 
Alabama                State Chairperson:
Alaska                     State Chairperson:    
Arkansas                 State Chairperson:
Arizona                   State Chairperson:  Enrique Ramos         
California               State Chairperson:        
Colorado               State Chairperson:                             
Connecticut          State Chairperson:
Delaware               State Chairperson:
Florida                    State Chairperson:
Georgia                 State Chairperson:  
Hawaii                   State Chairperson:
Idaho                     State Chairperson:
Illinois                     State Chairperson:  
Indiana                  State Chairperson:
Iowa                      State Chairperson:
Kansas                   State Chairperson:
Kentucky               State Chairperson:  Don Fields             
Louisiana                State Chairperson:
Maine                     State Chairperson: 
Maryland               State Chairperson:
Massachusetts       State Chairperson:
Michigan               State Chairperson: 
Minnesota              State Chairperson:    
Mississippi                State Chairperson:
Missouri                    State Chairperson:
Montana                 State Chairperson:
Nebraska                 State Chairperson:
Nevada                   State Chairperson:         
New Hampshire      State Chairperson:  Dave Follansbee
New Jersey              State Chairperson:
New Mexico            State Chairperson:
New York                 State Chairperson:    
North Carolina       State Chairperson: 
North Dakota          State Chairperson:
Ohio                         State Chairperson:  Mario Rizo  
Oklahoma              State Chairperson:  Ricky Dale Crain
Oregon                   State Chairperson:
Pennsylvania         State Chairperson:     
Rhode Island          State Chairperson:
South Carolina       State Chairperson:
South Dakota         State Chairperson:
Tennessee               State Chairperson:
Texas                        State Chairperson:  
Utah                        State Chairperson:                          
Vermont                  State Chairperson:
Virginia                   State Chairperson:                        
Washington            State Chairperson:  
West Virginia         State Chairperson:        
Wisconsin                State Chairperson:    
Wyoming                State Chairperson:

A great big thank you to the many who have helped find "missing" records, contributed records, etc., and to those who have kept USPF Records on their websites for their Regions & States.