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SWP World Records can be made at the upcoming 
2020 USPF National Championships!
Don't miss this golden opportunity!

More info regarding this new Division and the above to come!

The USPF has always been known for it's high standards of lifting and reputation for excellence.  To maintain this quality, these are the requirements for obtaining a Superior World Powerlifting ~ SWP Record:
1. The basic USPF Rules for obtaining Records must be met. 
2.  To obtain a new World Record with no SWP World Record recorded, the lifter must equal or exceed the current amount recorded in the USPF American Records Database.  
     2.a.  If there is no current USPF American Record recorded, then the lifter's Full Power Total at the event must equal or exceed that of USPF Lifter Classification Class 1 for Single Ply and Class 2 for Raw.  For Single Lifts, a formula will be used.  (It is currently being created by Rickey Dale Crain.)
3.  Push/Pull World Records will not be offered at this time.