USPF the Legend®

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The USPF has always been known for it's high standards of lifting and reputation for excellence.  To maintain this quality, these are the requirements for obtaining a Superior World Powerlifting ~ SWP Record:
1. The basic USPF Rules for obtaining Records must be met. 
2.  Push/Pull World Records will not be offered at this time. 


After a discussion amongst the USPF Board of Directors, in fairness to all lifters (sex, age, bwt, etc.), it has been decided to eliminate the requirement of minimum poundage to obtain a SWP World Record if there is no previous Record set.

At the USPF Nationals, the lifter is required to tell the scorekeeper and Head Referee before his/her lift if they are attempting a SWP Record.  Immediately after they have achieved such lift, the lifter is required to have their gear checked by the Head Referee before leaving the platform (same as American Record) AND have his/her SWP Record Application signed for that lift.  (An Official will be assigned for that duty.)  A SWP Application must be submitted before the meet commences.  Record lifts will not be valid if aforementioned was not done by the lifter.