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Vintage USPF Police & Fire

The California Police Olympics were first held in 1967. The concept evolved over the years and led to the creation of the World Police & Fire Games Federation—a non-profit organization, run by the Californian Police Athletics Federation—in 1983. Two years later, in 1985, the first World Police & Fire Games were held in San Jose, California, USA, with nearly 5,000 competitors. (excerpt from
During the 1980's-90's, the USPF was very involved with the CA Police Olympics and World Police & Fire Games Powerlifting competitions with numerous USPF records being made/broken.
The Vintage Records and photos are from these meets and era.

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Photo Album                                     

                      World Games 1991
      Louie Hernandez & Don Hawley (middle right)

                                             Chet Thomas (Pomona P.D.)  

                                        Joe Marino

Few found photos from an early 1980's CA Police Olympics with Bud Mucci as Head Referee and powerlifting great, Larry Kidney, as a back spotter.

            Dominic LiCavoli ~ L.A.P.D.                               Tommy Harris ~ L.A.S.D

                                                Bill Welcome ~ C.H.P

              Sue Cox ~ Inglewood P.D.                                   Lynn Cummins ~ L.A.P.D.

                Jim Vetrovec ~ L.A.S.D                                            

                                        Dave De Luca ~ RTD P.D. 

    Bruce Haar ~ LACo Marshal

Records & Results                              
Tom Eldridge with Dominic LiCavoli spotting.
Tom Eldridge, Los Angeles County Fire Department Asst. Fire Chief, was instrumental in implementing powerlifting into the CA Fireman Olympics.  The yearly event's location alternates between northern and southern CA.  Tom ran the southern event along with keeping all of the CA Fireman Olympics' powerlifting records until his demise in 1991. 

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Fire Fighter Olympics Records
        1970's       1982        
        1987         1988         1989
CA Police Olympics Results 
        1981        1982        1983        1984         1985        1986        1987
        1988        1989        1990        1991         1992        1993        1994
        1995        1996        1997        
       (Push/Pull replaced Full Power & USPF was no longer involved.)

Fire Fighter Olympics Results
        1981        1982        
        1983        1987 (CA)

World Police & Fire Games Results
        1985        1987        1989        1991
        1993        1994        1995        1997

Contributors to the Police & Fire Results and Records

A special thank you to those listed below for their contributions so lifters, their families, and others may enjoy viewing all the great achievements and accomplishments.
You will find their names throughout the pages of these Results & Records
as they were each great lifters during this era.

Dominic LiCavoli
Retired L.A.P.D

Don Hawley
Retired Alameda Co. DA

And of course...
Danni Hartmann Eldridge for Tom Eldridge
Retired L.A.S.D. & Retired L.A.Co.F.D.