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November 2020 The USPF has added a new Raw Division that will be in effect January 2021.  Currently we have Raw - Division 3, knee sleeves only, no knee wraps. 

The Raw Divisions starting in 2021:

Raw KS – Division 3 (knee sleeves only, no knee wraps)

Raw KW – Division 4 (knee wraps allowed, no knee sleeves)

Both are Raw Divisions and follow the Rules for Raw.  The only difference is the allowance of knee wraps in Div. 4. 

Division 1 – Single Ply

Division 2 – Multi Ply

Division 3 – Raw KS

Division 4 – Raw KW

October 28 ~ We are excited to announce Alan Haga as the new USPF WV State Chair.  Congratulations Alan!  

July ~ The USPF Annual Report has been sent to the Board of Directors and filed with the AZ Corporate Commission.  

July 16 Exciting ANNOUNCEMENT:   After a discussion amongst the USPF Board of Directors, in fairness to all lifters (sex, age, bwt, etc.), it has been decided to eliminate the requirement of minimum poundage to obtain a SWP World Record if there is no previous Record set.  At the USPF Nationals, the lifter is required to tell the scorekeeper and Head Referee before his/her lift if they are attempting a SWP Record.  Immediately after they have achieved such lift, the lifter is required to have their gear checked by the Head Referee before leaving the platform (same as American Record) AND have his/her SWP Record Application signed for that lift.  (An Official will be assigned for that duty.)  A SWP Application must be submitted before the meet commences.  Record lifts will not be valid if aforementioned was not done by the lifter.

April 6 ~ We are excited to announce Don Hawley as the new USPF CA State Law Enforcement Records Chair!  Congratulations Don! 

March 12 ~ We are excited to announce Scott Lee as the new USPF Tennessee State Chair!  Congratulations Scott! 

JANUARY 8 ~ The OFFICIAL USPF YOUTUBE channel is up and running!  Thank you to Brian Ellithorpe, USPF YouTube Coordinator and Media Production, for all his work!  

DECEMBER 27 ~ Greetings! 

The USPF has always been known for it's high standards of lifting and reputation for excellence.  To maintain this quality, and after much discussion amongst the USPF Board of Directors, these are the requirements for obtaining a Superior World Powerlifting ~ SWP Record:
1. The basic USPF Rules for obtaining Records must be met. 
2.  To obtain a new World Record with no SWP World Record recorded, the lifter must equal or exceed the current amount recorded in the USPF American Records Database.  
     2.a.  If there is no current USPF American Record recorded, then the lifter's Full Power Total at the event must equal or exceed that of USPF Lifter Classification Class 1 for Single Ply and Class 2 for Raw.  For Single Lifts, a formula will be used.  (It is currently being created by Rickey Dale Crain.)
3.  Push/Pull World Records will not be offered at this time. 

OCTOBER 15 ~  A new USPF Membership system has been implemented this year.  The old Applications are no longer accepted or valid (the new single page Application forms are available online or at sanctioned events). 

USPF Membership Cards are now being issued directly to Applicants at sanctioned USPF events   All sanctioned USPF events are posted on  Memberships can also be purchased online, be sure to include an Application.  
The new USPF cards have the new logo along with a dated validation sticker.  Old cards are no longer valid starting January 1, 2020.  The validation sticker is sent after the Application and fees are received at the new USPF Headquarters in AZ.
Competitors must have a current USPF membership to compete.  ALL USPF Officials must have a current membership during their tenure as a USPF Official.
For any questions, contact us at

OCTOBER 6 ~ We are excited to announce Brian Ellithorpe as the new USPF YouTube Coordinator and a member of the USPF Media Production team.  Congratulations Brian! 
The USPF now has a new official channel on YouTube ~ Official USPF Powerlifting.  Click on the link on the left of this page.

AUGUST 17 ~ New online payment option available for USPF Memberships.

AUGUST 16 ~ The USPF has officially added a World Division called SUPERIOR WORLD POWERLIFTING!  This expansion will allow the USPF to offer exclusive World events and lifters an opportunity to achieve World Records & status. The same legendary high standards that the USPF has used throughout its history will apply to SWP.
More info to come!

~ We are excited to announce Enrique Ramos as the new USPF AZ State Chair!  Congratulations Enrique! 

We are excited to announce David Roderick of Massachusetts as the new USPF State Records Chair! Congratulations David!

David will be recording and issuing USPF Records for those in States in which there is no State Chair. He will also be looking through past meet results and other documents to find missing records, something that has been needed. All of these records will be added to the Database and posted.

JUNE 2019 ~ We are excited to announce the following appointments:

Mario Rizo as the new USPF Ohio State Chair and Wesley McKnight as the new USPF West Virginia State High School & College Coordinator!  Congratulations Mario & Wesley!  

June 2019 ~  We had a very productive USPF National Meeting this past weekend. Thank you all for your participation! There are a lot of exciting changes and upgrades in the works for the USPF.

A few highlights and announcements…

Appointments: Executive Committee Members ~ Vince Moser, Rickey Dale Crain, Danni Eldridge, Dominic Licavoli, and Sheri Hartmann, who was elected USPF President; USPF Hall of Fame Chair ~ Dominic Licavoli; USPF National and AZ State High School Coordinator ~ Eric Reed; USPF Historical Committee Chair & Official USPF Historian ~ Rickey Dale Crain (Don Hawley & John Killin Committee Members); USPF State Referees ~ Joe Marino and Gene Lawrence.

Memberships: A new system was implemented at the 2019 USPF Nationals: lower membership fees for college students, optional low fee for volunteer officials and staff, updated online registration and payment (coming soon), AND Membership Cards will now be given to the lifter at all USPF events.

Divisions: For those who love the Squat, the Single Lift Squat has “joined” our Single Lift line up!
Regarding Eliminated Divisions: Absolute Raw & Classic Division. These records are archived but will still be available for viewing on

More announcements and follow ups to come in the near future, so “stay tuned”!


February 23 ~ We are sad to report that Jack Hughes, USPF CA Hall of Fame inductee, American Record holder, & Category I IPF International Referee, passed away at his home in L.A., CA, on Saturday, February 23, 2017.  There is a gathering tonight to celebrate Jack's life at BJs Brew House in Burbank, CA.  (Info from Warren Monty Quesnell)
RIP Jack.


August 16  ~ You asked for it, you got!  The USPF has introduced two new Divisions:  Absolute Raw & Classic Division.  Go to Rules Recent Updates for details.

May 27
~ We are pleased to announce Robert Gallegos as our new USPF Texas State Chair! Robert has been involved with powerlifting for 30 years. He was a State Chair for the USPA for 4 years and judged THSPA powerlifting for 12 years. Congrats on your appointment, Robert!

May 24 ~ What a great weekend we had! It was wonderful seeing everyone again at the 2016 USPF National Championships. This was the first time that the Nationals have been held in Tucson. It was definitely a fantastic two day event, May 21 & 22, at the Desert Diamond Casino & Hotel with many American and State Records being made. At the Women's Nationals, trophies for Best Female Lifters went to Victoria Yarbrough in the Raw Division and Cristina Ramirez in the Equipped Division. Taking the Men's Best Lifter trophy in the Raw Division at the Men's Nationals was Zachary Moss. The Thunder Mountains won the 1st Place Team trophy again making it two years in a row. Congrats to ALL the lifters!
A lot was accomplished at the National meeting with exciting announcements coming soon. We are honored in being selected for the USPF Executive Committee and are fully committed to providing the best to the members in the USPF.
A great big Thank You goes to the Officials & Staff, the Lifters, the Spectators, and "Unbreakable Gear" for supporting the legendary United States Powerlifting Federation. Also, thank you to Michael Blue and the catering staff at Desert Diamond Casino for all their work in making this event a success.
Co Meet Directors,
Danni Eldridge & Sheri Hartmann

May 22 ~ The USPF is proud to announce several new Official Appointments:
Rickey Dale Crain ~ Executive Committee
Danni Eldridge ~ Executive Committee 
Sheri Hartmann ~ Executive Committee
Tim Cochran ~ Executive Committee
Travis Dankemeyer ~ Executive Committee
Zachary Moss ~ AZ State Chair
Serving another term are Lance Karabel as President, Vince Moser as Technical Officer, and Ed Coan in the Executive Committee.
We are looking forward to some exciting new things coming for the legendary USPF. 


November 5 ~ We are very pleased and excited to announce the appointment of Dominic LiCavoli as the new USPF CA State Chair! Dominic's powerlifting career dates back to t...he early 1980's, including participating in many CA Police Olympics, etc along with World Police & Fire Games. Congratulations Dominic! ~Danni Eldridge, USPF Region 7 Chair.

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October 31st
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April 16th
~ Congrats to Zack Moss in becoming a new USPF State Referee!

March 6th ~ CA Police Olympic Results from 1981-1998 are now complete.  Also, there are more Police & Fire World Games posted from that era.  Thank you to Dominic Licavoli & Don Hawley for their contributions!


December 25th ~ Wishing you all a wonderful Christmas & great New Year!

December 24th ~
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November 8th ~ It is with great sorrow for me to announce the passing of my Dad, Bill Hartmann, retired L.A.P.D. (Los Angeles Police Department) Lieutenant, former IPF & IPC Category 1 Referee, former USPF Technical Chairman, USPF champion lifter, and past owner of Magnum Fitness Systems (sponsor of Magnum Power Team) in Glendora, CA. Bill, age 82, was residing in Laughlin, NV, when he lost his long battle to kidney disease on November 7, 2013.
During his lifting career, he lifted in such meets as the USPF Nationals, CA Police Olympics, World Fire & Police Olympics and CA State Meets obtaining USPF Elite Class and numerous USPF American & State Records along with Master World Records. Many of his Records still stand. He was a tough competitor, pulling a 705 deadlift, 275 bwt, 60-64 age category in 1992 ~ the first 60+ year old in USPF history to pull over 700lbs in that age category. He was honored by being inducted into the L.A.P.D. Hall of Fame, awarded L.A.P.D. Athlete of the Decade and in 2004 inducted into the CA Powerlifting Hall of Fame. He will be truly missed by all who knew him.
~Sheri Hartmann, USPF American Records Chair

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September 29th ~
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July 22nd ~  "We welcome Jeff Honeycutt as our new USPF NM State Chair.  Jeff has been lifting for the last two years, specializing in the deadlift.  He holds one American Record, one Region 7 Record, and two state records.  He also did powerlifting during the late 80's."
Danni Eldridge
USPF Region 7 Chair
USPF AZ State Chair

July 21st ~ "With pleasure I am happy to announce the appointment of Linda Devaney to USPF NV State Chair.  Linda lifted during the 80's-early 90's and currently resides in Las Vegas.  She still holds a few of the USPF American Master Records she made during that time span.  Sheri Hartmann has transferred from the USPF NV State Chair to USPF CA State Chair."
Danni Eldridge
USPF Region 7 Chair
USPF AZ State Chair

June 7th ~  Click here for USPF News & Updates from Region 7 ~ June 2013

May 30th ~ 2013 Nationals Results posted!  Click here for Results or go to Meet Results.
                ~ All USPF American Records (89 total) from the 2013 USPF Nationals have been recorded & posted online.  Congrats to all!

May 14th ~ Message from USPF President, Lance Karabel:
"I just want to take a moment to thank everyone who both lifted and helped me to put Nationals together. First starting with the lifters, without your support we would have no federation, I thank you for that. Lifters ranged from beginners to elite and every single one of you put on an awesome show of strength. Even the few that had injured themselves before and during the meet still competed and showed a tremendous amount of heart. You all are the reason why this sport means as much to me as it does. Second my help from spotters to loaders, score table and judges. My people who helped set up and breakdown of the event. Our vendors and our sponsors. I greatly appreciate all the hard work , effort and support you all put in to help make this a successful event for everyone. Thank you very much for everything!"

May 10th ~ Roster for 2013 USPF Nationals

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April 27th ~ launches!  First online complete USPF Records Database.  Still a lot more to come, so check back often.  All USPF American Records are updated and posted.  Any American Record questions, contact USPF American Records Chairperson, Sheri Hartmann at